Health Information Managment System,Hamaaya, Ghana

Product Description

Hamaaya’s Hospital Information Management System (Oasis Health App) provides both clinical and patient care aspects to hospital administration and management. The software is divided into different modules, each addressing a specific activity of the hospital and there by facilitating better patient care.

Whether your facility is new or old, it needs efficient Health Management System for growth and sustainability. Having your books and systems in top shape all year round is an achievement that can help your facility function smoothly and provide grounds for sound and promising business decisions. Choose Oasis Health App for peace of mind


It simple to use, 98% paperless, theft free and customizable. Oasis Health App is completely walled off from user malpractices that jeopardize the integrity of other systems.


Manage patient records and other OPD information with ease.


Engineered to accomodate all specialist consultation with voice recognition.

Beds and Wards

Manage all your emergencies and In-patient cases with a ease.


Major and minor sugeries/Procedures in one place.


Pharmacy managment and drug dispensing made easy and flexible.

Billing and Cash Point

Cash Point and Revenue Management simplified for your convenience.


NHIS, Private insurance and Cooperate insurance claims simplified.


All your procurement information managed in one place linking to stores.

HR Management

All employee records and all other hr information in one place.


There is no simple way to manage your patient lab result but here.


Manage your general stores,transfers and requisiton from here.


Capture all ante-natal information from first trimester to last trimester.


``X-ray and ultrasound, there is no better place to manage them than here.


Capture all information about mother and child after birth.


Take control of your own finances by creating your own ledgers and journals.

Nutrition and Child Health

Manage all nutrition and child health information in one place.

STI Control

Manage all STI control information in one place with ease.

Midwives Returns

Manage all Midwives returns information for your monthly returns report in one place..

Diseases Infection Control

Manage all diseases infection and control information in one place.

Occupational Health

Generate certificate and all occupational health information here.


Manage all departmental requisitions and transfers here.

SMS Management

Keep your patient connected and informed regularly with ease.

PayRoll Management

Employee salaries and wages management simplified.

What make Oasis Health Information Management System different

It simple to use,easy to manage, mobile ready, 98% paperless, theft free and customizable. Oasis Health App is completely walled off from user malpractices that jeopardize the integrity of other systems.

  • Get priceless insight for high ROI changes
  • Reduce the amount of time patient spent in the facility drastically.
  • Increase revenue by over 30%.
  • Get more insight on how patient care is managed in your facility with a single click.
  • Access your facility information from anywhere in the world from any browser enabled device.


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Happy Clients


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It’s all about peace of mind

Unlike other systems, we spent little time in the facilities during training and implementation because the system is very user friendly and need little training.
Our client will tell you that our response time is exceptional. Oasis Health App was built in way making it easier to be maintained and resolve issues in the shortest possible time.
Any facility can buy this solution, whether big or small, there is a package for everyone. The solution is very affordable compared to other systems in the market.

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